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UPdate! 8/23/2015
longmont wood bat champions!

Pleased to announce the new generation of the 10U Colorado Outlaws team.

We are currently looking to fill 1 or 2 spots with solid majors level players.

Dustin Maas has teamed up with Coach Jay Mayoral to bring up the next Generation of Outlaws baseball players.

Welcome The 10U Colorado Outlaws

Jack Maas

Jonah Mayoral

Jaymason Collins

Brody Leid

Seth Brown

Titus Chance

Anthony Gall

Trevor Beutner

Ty Beutner

AJ Chaplin

2015- This year at the 14U level was one of my favorite years to coach this program.  After starting this team when they were just 6 years old, I am sad to say that this team, this generation of Outlaw players that we started years ago has come to an end. I will miss these boys that ended this season with the Outlaws. This was one of the funnest groups of players I have had. Parents were wonderful and at the end we were all a family.  I had a core of 4 players through all these years that stuck together as well as coaches. We have all been through many ups and downs but I will never forget the efforts of all the boys that have been a part of this Colorado Outlaws team. I thank my coaches for their many hours of service of coaching this squad with me and I will always be greatful for everything you have done to make this succesfull. I love you guys and i hope our paths cross again in the future. Friends forever!
I also want to say to all the players and parents that have been a part of this Journey wether it was good or bad. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to coach your player regardless of the outcome you had with this organization. I have coached a lot of players during this time and to them i want to say thank you for giving me the priveledge to coach you. You will see a lot of these players be successfull in life and in the baseball world. Parents, We strived to give your kid some of the best baseball coaching we could give and I hope that your player took something from our coaches because if not then we didnt do our job.
Its time for these boys to head to high school and get ready for a great 4 years of Colorado High School basebll!

I will end with my motto:


enjoy some memories

2015  Phoenix, az.
2015 steamboat springs  world series
seeded 19th out of 33 teams, first seed D2.

2014~Outlaws go 6-1 in the Cal Ripken tournament, lost in semis to Florida.

2014 ~Second place in state title

2014~ Red team Placed 7th in World Series

2014~ black team placed 10th in World Series

2013~ Outlaws went 6-1 in Cooperstown, ranked 14th out of 104, lost to Louisiana.

What a great year of baseball it was for the Colorado Outlaws in 2014. We added some new players to the Red team and we created a second team called Outlaws Black. Both teams traveled together, practiced together and grew together as an organization. These were both 13U teams that had a couple 12u players in the mix.  Both teams were thrown in to a tournament early in Arizona for spring training and it was our 4th day on a baseball field. They played extremely well and better then we as coaches expected them to play. We headed to Myrtle Beach where both teams had a great tournament, although these were not our normal full squads, both teams battled as hard as they practiced. Last stop was Steamboat Springs to play in the TPC World Series. Red team placed 7th out of 30 and the Black team placed 10th out of 30 teams. Both made the top bracket which was a big accomplishment for the organization.

Unfortunately after all the commitment, dedication, and success the teams had  slowly dissolved to one team again. Some went off to high school and some went to other local teams. We combined those that stayed and picked up a couple other players in the process. We lost the two good players we had added last year for the red team, they went to pursue their high school career early. We also lost some big guns to high school ball, Chris Mazzini, Nano Villa, and Matt Moon.  This is a big year going in to 14U baseball, This is the year we see who is growing and ready to move on to the next level and we try to develop those that are not quite there yet. 

 We are looking forward to this year as we have added a couple players to the roster and combined the two teams. We Welcome Fabian Mosquera and Ryan Stohr to the squad, we would also like to welcome back Brian Prater who was hurt early on in the season. These boys bring a good deal of talent and baseball knowledge to the table.

I would also like to recognize the returning players from last year. Starting with the players that have dedicated themselves to the organization for a number of years.

2015 Colorado outlaws

6+years Commitments

Logan DeArment
Jayden Mayoral
Dylan Davis
Ben Earnest

2+years Commitments
Dylan Gutierrez
Nate Madrid
Brian Prater
Joey Leewaye
Isaiah Romero

1 year Commitments
Fabian Mosquera
Ryan Stohr

I would also like to add that the Colorado Outlaws will team up with Bardo's and we will take their instruction this year. I can attest that after a couple months of going through this program with my son this fall, I think this is a great way to take these boys and play next level baseball.

The heart of the Colorado Outlaws Baseball Team, a non-profit organization, is young players who embrace lifelong character traits such as perseverance and commitment, and volunteer coaches who provide the leadership necessary to build character and teach critical life lessons while exposing the players to opportunities and experiences that will help them become successful and contributing members of society. For years, the Outlaws Organization has selected the area's most promising kids and cultivated competitive athletes with proud records of teamwork, sportsmanship and success. We have three age divisions this year, 8U, 10U, and 11U, and are continuing to grow each year. These boys have won many local and state honors.

The goal of our Youth Baseball Organization is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables players to learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship. We facilitate the development of strength and character in every young man that participates. We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that our youth baseball organization is a positive influence in the lives of our young men. We also strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for young Baseball Players and opportunities for the community to unite.

Sportsmanship Teamwork Strength Character Discipline Dedication

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